EA113 HPFP Upgrade kit - Vis Motorsport



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Product type: HPFP Upgrade

Vendor: Vis Motorsport

1.750,00 lei

Tech Facts:

- clearence at top of piston 0.001-0.00015

- deviation of circularity max 0.001mm

- 370-450hb before rectification

- nitrided at depth of 0.15-0.25

- hardness of hv10-760- kgf/mm2 for sleeve and hv 50-56/1200-1400kgf/mm2 for piston

-nitrided H13 alloy/ 34mocr11 /rul 1vb3 or rul1vc2

-good thermal and shock resistance or heat cracking

-mechanical characteristics and thoghness in hot condition,constant hardness throughout the production cycle

-high micro purity-level suitable for polishing

-posibility to be coated to pvd/pa cvd methods flame induction hardening and nitriding

-tensile strenght 1960kgf/mm2

-yeld strenght 1570kgf/mm2

- pump housing o ring viton