Bull-X Downpipe VAG 1.8-2.0 T(F)SI EA888 Gen.3 ( FWD with Dummy )



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Product type: Downpipe

Vendor: Bull-X

3.690,00 lei

The EGO downpipe for VAG 1.8-2.0TSI from HG Motorsport can be 100% exchanged for the standard part. A perfect fit and high-quality materials make this item a top product from our range. The turbocharger can be greatly relieved by optimizing the diameter, pipe routing and/or catalytic converter.

With the EGO downpipe, the entire upper part and the lower part up to the flex pipe were completely cast in one piece.
After the turbocharger outlet of 84mm, the downpipe has a diameter of 121mm and, thanks to the flow analyzes calculated using the 3D process, ensures the maximum exhaust gas flow, which can be realized with just one cast part.
Lower back pressure and thermal relief produce significant increases in torque, power and earlier response, all while increasing durability.


Technical details:
- Upper and lower part up to the flex pipe in one piece made of cast stainless steel
- After the charger outlet of 84mm, the downpipe has a diameter of 121mm!
- made of stainless steel
- optional: with integral insulation (see last article picture)
- *optionally without catalytic converter, incl. 100 cells Sportkat, incl. 200 cells Sportkat, with Bull-X 200 cells EOBD Sportkat by HJS or with 200 cells HJS Sportkat including ECE -Operating license
-incl. stainless steel reduction for problem-free installation on the standard system
-fits plug and play on Bull-X exhaust systems


Manufacturer Model Type MKB Displacement(cm³) Power(kW/min)
Audi A3 8V CJSA 1798 132/4500
Audi A3 8V CJSB 1798 132/4500
Audi TT 8S CHHC   1984                     169/4500
Seat Leon 5F CJSA 1798 132/5100
Seat Leon 5F CJXE 1984 195/5350
Seat Leon 5F CJXA 1984 206/5600
Seat Leon 5F CJXH 1984 213/5900
Seat Leon 5F CJXC 1984 221/5500
Seat Leon 5F CJXG 1984 228/5500
Skoda Octavia 5E CJSA 1798 132/6200
Skoda Octavia 5E CHHB 1984 162/6200
Skoda Octavia 5E CHHA 1984 169/6200
Skoda Superb 3V CHHB 1984 162/6200
VW Golf AU/AUV CJSB 1798 132/4500
VW Golf AU/AUV CH4HB 162.8 /4500
VW Golf AU/AUV CXDA 1984 162/4500
VW Golf AU/AUV CHHA 1984 169/4700
VW Golf AU/AUV CJXE 1984 195/5350
VW Golf AU/AUV CJXG 1984 228/5800
VW Passat 3G CJSA 1798 132/5100
VW Passat 3G CHHB 1984 162/4500